Metallic Cable Trunking

Metallic Cable trunking not only protects cables and wires from damage but also ensures they are kept tidy and organised. For harsher environments, metal trunking offers a more robust solution than its plastic counterpart. Our metal trunking can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, constructed from aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel.

KSh3,400.00 Ex.VAT

Metallic Cable Trunking

Metallic Cable Pedestals

KSh3,600.00 Ex.VAT
KSh800.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,250.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,350.00 Ex.VAT
KSh4,050.00 Ex.VAT
KSh4,900.00 Ex.VAT

Metallic Cable Trunking

Twin and Single Knockouts 250mm

KSh370.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,250.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,150.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,650.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,800.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,800.00 Ex.VAT
KSh5,050.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,400.00 Ex.VAT

Metallic Cable Trunking

Twin and Single Knockouts 200mm

KSh340.00 Ex.VAT

Metallic Cable Trunking

Twin and Single Knockouts 100mm

KSh280.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,380.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,450.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,300.00 Ex.VAT


Metallic Cable Trunking/ Metal Trunking

KET Express online shopping offers cable trays and and Metallic Trunking Suitable for telecommunication applications, networking, security systems cabling, computer system, monitor and other wiring application.

Metallic Cable trunking for sale in kenya

Trunking types and materials

With a flat trunking in various colors, whether it’s white or black etc. There are differing materials to choose from, depending on the environment and the type of wiring within the application.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, galvanized steel and other metal

Metallic  and other plastic Trunking

Clip on, self-adhesive, slotted and skirting Trunking all available

cable trays 

KSh890.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,600.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,070.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,450.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,000.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,550.00 Ex.VAT
KSh2,000.00 Ex.VAT
KSh660.00 Ex.VAT

A cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction

cable trays

Metallic Floor Trunking

KSh1,050.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,400.00 Ex.VAT
KSh850.00 Ex.VAT

Arc or Semicircular Metal floor trunk is a perfect cable management solution for creating a link between trunking, column, mini-column, floor units or protecting cables on passageways


metallic Floor trunking for sale in kenya

The Metal floor cable trunks Widely applied to electrical and Data wire protection of various important fields: intelligent buildings, construction decoration industry, shipbuilding, oilfield, chemical plant, railways, power plant, office networking, and much more..

The metallic floor trunks are also commonly known as floor cable cover , They come with Standard Mounting Holes and are supplied with screws.

Customized Metal Cable Shield Floor Cord Cover to meet your project needs and Requirements

Cable Ties 

KSh200.00 Ex.VAT
What are cable ties used for?
Cable Ties for sale in kenya
What are cable ties used for? Also known as zip ties, they’re fasteners that bundle your cables and wires together to keep them organized and prevent damage. They come in different sizes, lengths, materials and even colors.

Cable Clips 

Cable Clips

Cable Clips 9mm

KSh150.00 Ex.VAT

Cable Clips

Cable Clips 12mm

KSh200.00 Ex.VAT

Cable Clips

Cable Clips 8mm

KSh100.00 Ex.VAT
What is the function of cable clip?
Cable Clips
What is it? A cable clip is a device that manages wires and cables and secures them to a fixed point on a surface, like a wall, ceiling or floor. A wide range of cable clips is available to control cables of all sizes and shapes, in almost any number, in both home and industrial applications.