Fanvil VoIP IP Phones, SIP Phones, X Series, V series High end IP Phones.

Fanvil is a leading manufacturer of IP products,  including IP Phones, IP Video Phones, and SIP Door Entry systems. Fanvil provides VoIP communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Fanvil SIP phones feature HD voice and have excellent usability, with the additional benefit of being fully compatible with 3CX, a software- based IP PBX.

Updated Fanvil VoIP IP Phones prices in Kenya

Fanvil BT20 USB Bluetooth Dongle                                                 4500/=

Fanvil X5U High-end IP Phone                                                        14000/=

Fanvil X7 Enterprise IP Phone                                                         28000/=

Fanvil X7 Touch Screen IP Phone                                                    26000/=

Fanvil X3SP Lite IP Phone SIP PoE                                                 7999/=

Fanvil X3SW WiFi Phone                                                                  8100/=

Fanvil X3SW WiFi Phone                                                                  8500/=

Fanvil Enterprises IP phone X3SG                                                    6000/=

Fanvil Entry level ip phone X301P                                                     5300/=

Fanvil F52HP IP Phone                                                                      5000/=

Fanvil Flagship Smart Video ip phone V67                                        40000/=

Fanvil H2 Hotel IP Phone                                                                   7000/=

Fanvil C01 IP Phone                                                                           6500/=

Fanvil C400 Gigabit VoIP Phone                                                         28000/=

Fanvil C600 Smart VoIP Phone                                                          30000/=

Fanvil CM60 camera                                                                           7500/=

Fanvil EHS20 Adapter                                                                         7000/=

Fanvil Enterprise ip phone X303P                                                       7800/=

Fanvil Enterprise wireless ip phone X303W                                        7000/=

Fanvil X4U Enterprise IP Phone                                                          12000/=

Fanvil X4U Enterprise IP Phone                                                          12050/=

Fanvil X5S 6 line Gigabit Phone                                                          14000/=

Fanvil H3 VoIP Phone                                                                          6500/=

Fanvil H5 Hotel Room IP Phone                                                          12500/=

Fanvil Headset HT101                                                                          6500/=

Fanvil i32V SIP                                                                                     36000/=

Fanvil USB Bluetooth Speaker Cs30                                                   12000/=

Fanvil V67 Smart Video IP Phone                                                        45000/=

Fanvil X210 High-end Enterprise IP Phone                                          29000/=

Fanvil X3S Pro/X3SP Pro Entry Level IP Phone                                  12000/=

Fanvil X3SP IP phone SIP PoE                                                             7000/=

Fanvil X4G 4 Line Enterprise Multi-Colour Screens Gigabit Phone      10000/=

How do I setup my Fanvil IP phone?
Configuration via Phone
1. Press Menu > Advanced (Default password 123)
2. Select Network: To configure the Network Settings (IPv4/IPv6/IPv4&IPv6, DHCP/Static/PPPoE)
3. Select Accounts: To configure enable the account, fill the SIP server address, port, user name, password etc.

How to Set up a VoIP Phone at Home

Setting Up Your VoIP Phone at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choose your VoIP provider and plan: Compare options for features, call quality, and cost. Consider your usage needs and budget.

2. Check your internet connection: Ensure your internet speed meets VoIP requirements (usually 2-4 Mbps upload/download).

3. Gather equipment: You’ll need a VoIP phone (IP phone or adapter for traditional phones), Ethernet cable, and power adapter (if not PoE-enabled).

4. Connect your phone: Plug the Ethernet cable into your phone and router. Power on the phone and wait for initialization.

5. Configure settings: Access your VoIP provider’s online portal or phone menu to enter your account information, SIP server details, and preferred settings.

6. Test your setup: Make a call to confirm everything’s working! Fine-tune settings for call quality and voicemail if needed.

How do I reset my Fanvil IP phone?
Go to System > Configurations. Click Reset. A pop-up dialog prompts you whether to reset the phone. Click OK.